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Personal Appointment

Curious to know what you can achieve with smart asset management?

A no-obligation appointment will give you an insight into what smart asset management and our experience could mean for you.

What happens at a personal appointment?

  • Information about Wealtheon’s current strategy and results
  • A full insight into the results achieved for our clients
  • An analysis of your situation
  • Why the owners of Wealtheon use the Wealtheon strategy for their own portfolio
  • An opportunity to ask questions

Where and when?

A meeting can be held at the location that suits you best, according to your preference: at Wealtheon, at your office or at your home.

The advantage of asset management at Wealtheon

The major advantage of Wealtheon is its independence (no management of proprietary products, promotion of external products or links with fund managers). This means that Wealtheon can take fully independent investment decisions. Wealtheon has also gained many years of experience due to the family-run nature of the company.

As part of an initial, no-obligation, get-to-know-you meeting, we will give you an insight into what smart asset management and our experience can mean for you.

Positive results

Wealtheon has generated many positive results over past years. This has been achieved by adhering consistently to an investment process focused on retaining and growing assets.

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