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Asset management performance

Attractive returns

Our investment process has been developed for institutional and private investors. Over the last forty years we have constantly sought to further optimise this process. Using a variable distribution of the invested funds across fixed-rate securities, equities, commodities, precious metals and real estate, we strive to obtain attractive returns while constantly assessing the risk. For us, preserving assets is as important as asset growth.

Our independent position also gives us complete freedom to choose investments. We are not encouraged from within the company to invest client funds in equity issues which so happen to be managed by the bank. We provide no financial services (credit, IPOs, insurance, M&A services) to business. Therefore we can buy or sell any investment at any time we wish.

Cost-reducing agreements

We have negotiated cost-reducing agreements for transaction charges with the banks exclusively for our clients.


Disclaimer: The value of your investment may fluctuate. Past performance does not guarantee future results. A higher risk profile offers the opportunity for a higher return, but also means there is a higher risk of losses. The yields shown constitute an indication only and are given before the deduction of charges. These charges depend on the extent of the assets and the depository selected by the client. These results only apply if the investment made is in line with the portfolio models linked to the risk profile. Portfolios not invested in this way will have different returns.

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