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Portfolio analysis: independent second opinion

A second opinion on your investment portfolio

You have one or more investment portfolios but you wonder whether they are still a perfect fit for your ‘real’ risk profile.  Perhaps you work with multiple managers and want to keep an effective overview of all your portfolios and the risks which you will be running in future. How can you be sure that you have been correctly advised?

Portfolio analysis

Wealtheon offers portfolio analyses and consolidations for both individuals and family offices. Applying the expertise which we use daily on behalf of our clients, we draw up a report for you focusing on assessments of a range of risk factors.  Consider here the current diversification of your portfolio and the asset allocation which is desirable in the light of the anticipated macroeconomic developments.  In our portfolio analysis we also report - among other things - on any risks associated with:

  • macroeconomic developments;
  • changes to interest rate trends;
  • currency trends;
  • currencies;
  • illiquid assets/investments.

We deliver a detailed and objective report, with each position assigned importance. Our reporting covers practically all investment categories.  We analyseanalyze both equities and bonds, with trackers (ETF), investment funds and structured products falling within the scope of the analysis. However, a number of alternative products - such as hedge funds and private equity - are not considered because of the lack of relevant information.

Not just a report

Our team of analysts give recommendations on your portfolio as a whole, from the general pattern of your portfolio to individual positions. For example, a summary of direct and indirect costs relating to investment funds (TER) often shows the composition of the portfolio in a different light. Our only goal is to give you a professional overview of your portfolio and to make you feel in control of the risk and potential of your investments

How do we operate?

We can draw up a second opinion for you as a one-off or on a more regular basis (quarterly, yearly).  Our advice is based on the macro- and micro-economic analyses which we carry out on a daily basis for our asset management division. That provides us with a solid and independent foundation for our reports.

In order to guarantee our objectivity and to avoid any form of conflict of interest, we ask you to give us the details of your portfolio(s) anonymously (without naming the manager or the private bank).

We will determine the fee in advance on the basis of the scale, the types of asset involved, and frequency. In this way we avoid any unwelcome surprises. A face-to-face meeting to evaluate our report is highly recommended.  If you decide to become a client of Wealtheon, then the fee for the one-off second opinion will be included in the management fee for your portfolio.

More information

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