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Investment program: index investment the Wealtheon way

You have sold a property or saved money and now you want to invest in the financial markets. Howeveryou are too busy to do this yourself or your interests simply lie elsewhere: so you are looking for a professional that you can trust to manage your money.

By choosing the Investment Program you will be investing in index trackers (ETFs) in those parts of the world that according to our analysis will offer the best potential. To make the right choices, we monitor many economies across the world on a daily basis.  We asses technical  trends in combination with their underlying fundamental developments.

In short, we base our investment decisions on underlying trends. We do not let ourselves be swayed by the issues of the day, but rather take the decisions needed to protect portfolios as best possible against sharp falls in value. Just as important is choosing the time to increase the number of investments again in a portfolio.

This strategy has allowed us to deliver attractive results over the long term.

This disciplined form of asset management also includes:

  • Active investment policy;
  • Low costs;
  • 24/7 online consultation of your portfolio;
  • Detailed quarterly report on your portfolio by e-mail;
  • Wealtheon publications by e-mail.

The strengths of the Investment program

Wealtheon’s strategy and experience | The Wealtheon strategy is based on the diversification of your assets and suited to achieve your goals: growing and preserving your assets.

Diversification | Diversification makes it possible to minimize risks and optimize profitability.

Costs | Fewer transactions are carried out so costs are kept as low as possible.

Transparency | Index trackers offer transparency allowing you to understand how you are invested..

Competitive transaction costs | You will have an account with BinckBank or Keytrade allowing you to benefit from very competitive rates. Ask us about the special offer exclusively for Wealtheon clients!.

Simplicity | Wealtheon will deal with the administration tasks required to open a securities account with the bank you choose. Deposits and transfers are quick and efficient. Wealtheon looks after the day to day management of your portfolio and you benefit from the know-how of our investment specialists. Our competitive quarterly management fee is automatically debited .

Security and continuity | The securities account is in your name; no external transfers are possible (except to you).

You want to become a client

The investment program, online and proactive index investments, is suitable for any type of client with liquid assets of at least €250,000.

Become a proud Wealtheon Investment Program client in three steps:

  1. Choose your risk profile: a portfolio with equities and cash (profile: dynamic) or with bonds and cash (profile: fixed income) or with a mix of equities, bonds and cash (profile: neutral)
  2. Sign a management agreement and the documents for opening a securities account with one of our partners, BinckBank or Keytrade. Wealtheon then deals with the whole administrative process;
  3. Transfer of the sum to be managed (minimum €250,000) to your new account.  As soon as the amount has been credited to the account, the management of your portfolio will start.

More information

Use the contact form to request a brochure or to arrange to be called back by one of our specialists.

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