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Asset management

You want to invest but you’d rather entrust the management of your assets to professionals?

Much more than just an asset manager

Your personal situation and objectives are the key elements in determining your risk profile.

Add to this the elements of transparency, communication and the total absence of any form of conflict of interest (between client and manager): Wealtheon clearly stands apart from the average asset manager.

We combine risk management with the quest for performance because we, as you, strive to realize an attractive long term result.

Asset management in tune with your requirements

Wherever you are – in the office, at home or on holiday – with Wealtheon your assets are in good hands. Why? Simply because we manage the assets of our shareholders in the same way as we manage your assets.

Our asset management is based on close ties between our clients and Wealtheon. You trust us to handle all or part of your portfolio. It is invested purely in individual securities such as stocks, bonds and trackers (ETF) which are freely tradable on a daily basis. The liquidity of the securities we select is elementary in order to allowing us to sell out of the market at any point in time.

Your portfolio is managed on the basis of the risk profile that suits you best. Under certain conditions we can also add very precise management limits.

As an independent operator, Wealtheon works with many banks (custodians). Depending on which depository bank you choose, you can - as a Wealtheon client - benefit from preferred banking conditions and private banking services such as Lombard loans.

Because of our long history, Wealtheon has a large-scale international network of legal, fiduciary and fiscal service providers. We are happy to let you access this network for estate planning purposes.

Who is a typical Wealtheon client?

  • Private investors including entrepreneurs, families, artists, business people, sportsmen/women, etc.);
  • Companies;
  • Institutional investors (life insurance companies and branch 23 funds, family offices and pension funds).

Wealtheon asset management is accessible for portfolios of €1 million in securities or liquid assets. Depending on your asset position and objectives, we will be happy to discuss portfolios which have not (yet) reached this threshold. For portfolios from €250,000 we offer our investment program.

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