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Wealtheon incorporates Swiss office

9 June 2014,

The Wealtheon Group is expanding its office network towards Switzerland. COGIN Compagnie de Gestion Internationale S.A., established in 1973 by the Wealtheon shareholders as an independent asset manager in Geneva, will from now on operate under the Wealtheon brand. This decision endorses the group’s strategy for growth in order to add value to its current asset management activities in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg.

Wealtheon Group is a family-run company that focuses on asset management and real estate investments. Through Wealtheon Asset Management, the investment portfolios of the family and shareholders are managed by investing directly in listed equities, bonds and index-tracker funds. This investment strategy was made available to third party investors in 2008. Wealtheon Asset Management currently manages approximately € 350 million for over 100 European families. Wealtheon is not a bank; its investment policy is entirely transparent, flexible and safeguarded from any possible conflict of interest. Following its attractive growth, the group looks to further expand, amongst others by means of acquisitions.

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