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The quality of Belgian investment management

13 September 2016, Juliette & Victor

We would like to ensure that our clients understand our investment strategy


Alongside the numerous fund managers offering products which are accessible to the general public, there are many Belgian (and Luxembourg) asset managers providing services for private individuals. Wealtheon is a family company, set up in 2005 by Victor Zwart, which currently provides services for some 150 families throughout Europe, managing EUR 600 million of assets. Wealtheon portfolio manager Charles de Saligny highlights “we are pure asset managers, our business is not inheritance solutions. Clients generally work with us as our investment philosophy appeals to them and they are disappointed with the returns and the services proposed by their usual asset manager, although it is rare for a family to entrust 100% of its assets to a single management company”.

Charles de Saligny also points out that all of the portfolios are managed under a common investment strategy, based primarily on direct investments in companies, with six distinct risk profiles. “We like to ensure that our asset management methods and fees are transparent and that our clients are also able to understand our strategy”.

Charles de Saligny points out that “a group like Mercier Vanderlinden should be considered as a close competitor in Belgium, in terms of investment philosophy and given our aim to advise high net worth families in protecting their capital”. Wealtheon is also considering setting up its own investment fund, which will be based on the stock picking strategy implemented in its client portfolios, “in order to provide a greater number of potential clients with access to our strategy”.


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