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Asset Management: set asside your own interests

28 February 2013, Het Financieele Dagblad

Question: How is customer-focused asset management organised?
Answer: Use an ‘open architecture’ and never stop questioning whether your decisions provide benefits for your customers.
For advice to be genuinely independent, asset managers must have no other interest in the portfolio than the management fees they receive. That fee must be linked to the portfolio value, not to its content. In line with this a new trend is developing: ‘open architecture’. When compiling portfolios, managers’ views are broader than they used to be, with less focus on their own products. Thus direct investment into companies through equities is gaining ground over in-house funds. “It is still a slow process, because advisors from listed companies must show continuous revenue growth. They cannot just change business model”, says Victor Zwart, expert in asset management and CEO of Wealtheon.


Asset Management



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