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A different kind of wealth manager

20 May 2016, Goeie zaken

A company ready to run the same risks as its clients: now there's an idea that would make many a start-up do a double-take! But it doesn't scare the financial advisors at Wealtheon Group one bit. From Eindhoven, Geneva and Brussels, our advisors ensure the structured oversight of economic and political developments as well as trends on the financial markets. Drawing on these analyses, coupled with their extensive experience in the banking sector and asset management industry, they can take measured and well-reasoned decisions in order to secure the highest possible performance for their international client base. And this performance is naturally just as decisive for the results of the portfolios held by the shareholders of this one-of-a-kind asset manager. It's a way to have your cake and eat it too, so to speak.

“At Wealtheon Group, shareholder and client portfolios work hand-in-hand. When we buy or sell securities, we do it with the utmost certainty that we have made the right decisions, not only for our clients but for ourselves as well,” explained CEO Victor Zwart, “Working any more transparently is quite simply impossible, and this transparency is highly appreciated by our stakeholders. It also makes us more accessible, brings us closer together.”


“Wealtheon Group is wholly-owned by its shareholders, represented by the Zwart family. That means our investment strategy is completely independent. Since they also sit on the Investment Committee, all investment decisions are taken independently. The supervisory structure is thus compact and active portfolio management is guaranteed,” added Martien Verleg, Head of Wealth Management at Wealtheon, “Further enhancing this independence is the fact that Wealtheon offers no other products, nor any ‘in-house’ products, outside of investment portfolio management. Finally, we do not have any ties with banks or funds, further guaranteeing a totally independent investment strategy,” said Hans-Peter van Wersch, Senior Portfolio Manager.


Our strategy is defined by the anti-cyclical investment system developed by Wealtheon, which has formed the cornerstone of our success in wealth management over the nearly 50 years we have been in business. Hans-Peter van Wersch added, “We use some 450 different indicators to systematically keep track of the markets all around the world. We examine them as a team every week to establish our economic forecasts, which then serve as a basis for asset allocation among the various business sectors and asset classes. In principle, we invest in all asset classes: from equities to bonds to foreign currencies, real estate and even gold.” Victor Zwart said, “We naturally base each investment decision on the client's risk profile. This is another way we set ourselves apart from many conventional asset managers. We are not afraid to build temporary portfolios when market conditions call for it. I have often seen defensive positions adopted in more challenging periods, with the aim of limiting losses. But how do you limit losses? A small loss is still a loss. Instead of taking a step backwards, we would rather take a step to the side, freeing up the cash we need at the right time to be able to take two steps forward.”

A highly skilled exercise

According to Martien Verleg, “The key is knowing how to identify opportunities in time, but also risks. We don't have a crystal ball and the global markets are subject to countless trends each and every day. There's no getting around it. The right approach is to avoid being influenced by the rumours prevailing on a daily basis and knowing how to anticipate long-term developments.” Victor Zwart added, “Just like a highly skilled athlete, we have to be able to anticipate what's coming around the next turn or the opponent's next move. Thanks to the investment system we have developed and tested over the years, backed by our expertise and experience, that's exactly what we manage to do: we are always at the right place at the right time in the field... scoring points as the game gathers pace, with each new match.”

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