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“The French are more prudent in their financial investments”

25 October 2013, Avenue Montaigne

As an external management company, Wealtheon is a family firm managing assets in excess of €1 million. Although Dutch in origin, 10 to 15% of Wealtheon’s clients are French…

Positioned far from the “traditional” major financial institutions, Wealtheon was founded in 2008 in Belgium and the Netherlands by Victor Zwart. His father, Peter Zwart, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors, had himself founded his own ‘GIM Group’ management company 40 years ago.

“We work exclusively with equities, bonds and trackers,” explains Victor Zwart, Wealtheon’s CEO. “The advantage of this is that we are able to react very quickly to the market, buying and selling within 48 hours when the twists and turns of the market require. With real estate assets, for example, this type of operation could not be envisaged. Our flexible, forward-looking strategy is based on a macroeconomic vision. To use our jargon, we talk about ‘anti-cyclical investments’.” [...]

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