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Wealtheon is an asset manager specializing in international asset management for high net worth private and (semi-) institutional clients.


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Foreign exchange risk: investing in turbos

1 July 2018, WEALTHEON

A turbo is a product which offers investors the possibility of exploiting leverage among a variety of underlying assets such as indices, equities, bonds, commodities and currencies. With turbos, you can speculate on the upside or the downside. Long turbos increase [...]

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Oil 2014-2016: OPEC seeking the optimal price

8 January 2017, Wealtheon

Oil was a major feature of 2016. During February the WTI oil price (New-York) fell below USD 27 per barrel, whereas it had been trading at over USD 100 eighteen months earlier. The steep fall in the price contributed strongly to the deflationary tensions weighing [...]

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