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An index tracker or ETF is a fund which is constantly tradable on the market. The sole objective of an ETF is to stay as close as possible to its reference index. This could be related to stocks, bonds or raw materials, among others. For example, a Eurostoxx 50-tracker will mimic as closely as possible the performance of the Eurostoxx 50, the European reference index for equities. Your portfolio is not just invested in a number of stocks, but on the entire index which covers a broad selection of stocks. That means that your portfolio is very highly diversified while containing just a few product lines. It is your manager’s job to manage your portfolio actively. By defining the right allocation of assets, you can profit from market trends.

Our aspiration is to achieve a good return on investments every year, but what is more important is to avoid losses.  By keeping a tight rein on losses in the past, we have built up a considerable lead on the market averages.

When your investments suffer a substantial loss, it might take up years to recover. During all the years you are not growing your assets. Wealtheon strives to avoid such losses by an active asset allocation strategy. Although not a guarantee for the future, our past results show that this strategy pays off.

Because Wealtheon is a 100% independent asset manager, we have no preference for a particular bank. So you choose which bank you want to work with. Since there can be considerable differences (in costs and services) between banks, we will be happy to discuss these with you.

No; in principle it is only the securities account which Wealtheon will be managing. You can keep your account(s) for day to day business with your existing bank.

No. We will take over the management of all securities which are tradable on a daily basis. If your portfolio includes “in house” products of a financial institution, we will make arrangements with that institution.

Yes, since Wealtheon receives no form of commission from the banks, it can negotiate substantial reductions in the commissions payable for transactions involving securities and currency.  These agreements are exclusively for Wealtheon clients.

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