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Asset management by the experts at Wealtheon

The experts at Wealtheon sa can help you with asset management and index investments.

The additional security of Wealtheon sa: a team of experts

Managing your assets is not something that you contract out without giving it careful thought. You expect the person to have a good deal of knowledge, experience and confidence. In addition to the many years of experience build up at Wealtheon, as well as the family-run character of the business, Wealtheon sa offers additional security that make the service we provide unique: all of our portfolio managers are involved in researching your investment.

This gives you the certainty that:
- Your point of contact at Wealtheon has the knowledge required;
- He/she is involved in outlining the Wealtheon strategy;
- Everyone has the same goal in mind: to achieve the best result for you and your portfolio.

These elements create the foundation for a long-term relationship of trust with Wealtheon sa and its team. You will be guided and assisted both by a (senior) portfolio manager and a member of management, with whom you will have personal contact. That way you can be sure that you and your portfolio will receive our attention at all times.

Expertise: analysing, anticipating and reacting

As a result of the combination of these skills, our team of asset managers can make a real difference for your portfolio.

The Wealtheon-team is made up of dedicated specialists with extensive experience in the financial world. As we have already said, all of our asset managers are involved in the day-to-day research for investments and creating a solid investment strategy. We are also prepared to take the right decisions when market circumstances so require in order to optimise the investment results.

Licences & registrations

Wealtheon operates from three locations: Brussels/Belgium, Eindhoven/Holland and Geneva/Switzerland. Additional asset management services can also be provided in France and Luxembourg.

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