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Our values are the keys to a sustainable relationship

At Wealtheon sa, respecting our values is very important to us. It continues to underline the longstanding good relationship that Wealtheon has with its clients.


Wealtheon sa stands apart from most asset managers and private banks by being really independent.

Private shareholders | the Zwart family holds 100% of the shares in Wealtheon Asset Management and can look back on extensive experience in the banking sector and asset management. As they also chair the investment committee, there is no external pressure on investment decisions.

Not a bank | Wealtheon sa is not a bank and deals purely with the management of your portfolio. The fact that we offer no other financial services guarantees our complete independence.

Complete transparency

Wealtheon Asset Management strives for complete transparency in its choices of investment, transaction costs and management fees.

No conflicts of interest | If the policies of an asset manager are not strictly limited to achieving optimal results for the client, conflicts of interest can arise. The complete transparency that Wealtheon offers its clients guarantees that our interests and those of our clients run entirely in parallel.

Management costs | At Wealtheon sa costs are extremely transparent; you always know our management fees in advance. They are based on a predetermined percentage which relates to the size of your portfolio. This rules out the possibility of any unwelcome surprises.

Return commissions | In order to maintain transparency, Wealtheon accepts no return commissions from third parties. This ensures that we are not influenced by these in our choice of investments. That means we have no financial interest in increasing the number of security or currency transactions within client portfolios.

Tailor-made services

Just like a master tailor makes a suit, we match our service to your needs and preferences as much as possible. For us, excellent service forms the basis for the relationship between client and asset manager. Our investment specialists work in teams ensuring that we are reachable and that we can provide you with a rapid response.

Wealtheon takes over the day to day management of your assets so that you can profit directly from the experience and know-how of our investment specialists. Wealtheon sa has a relatively small structure and thus stays close to its clients. We have no need of a complex hierarchy. That means that Wealtheon can act quickly and decisively in relation to market developments.

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