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Our strategy

The investment process that we have developed for our clients targets the preservation and growth of assets.

Anti-cyclic investment

Since 1971 we have been applying an anti-cyclic investment system which we developed ourselves.  In advance of indicated improvements or reverses to the economic climate, we adjust the allocation of the assets that we manage between the different asset classes and sectors.

Technical and fundamental analysis

In order to determine our anti-cyclic policy, we keep close track of macro-economic indicators, regardless of geographical area. We translate the trends shown by these indicators into our investment strategy.

Asset allocation

One of the pillars of asset management at Wealtheon is the diversification of the portfolio across the different categories and sectors of investment: asset allocation. This is matched closely to the client’s risk profile. We do not hesitate to invest in all possible asset classes, such as bonds, equities, raw materials, precious metals, real estate and currencies.

Risk management

In contrast to many traditional asset managers, we are not afraid to make substantial reductions or increases in the “exposure” of client portfolios to the financial markets. Another important element in limiting risk is diversification.  With a well-balanced distribution of investments we seek to provide your assets with optimal protection against market fluctuations without giving away too much in terms of performance.

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