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In 1971 Peter S. Zwart (1941) set up GIM Algemeen Vermogensbeheer B.V. in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company targeted both institutional and private investors.  As a fully independent organisation – in other words, with no ownership links with banks – it made investments worldwide in quoted companies, ensuring that the interests of the client and those of the manager ran in parallel. At the time this was a unique concept.

A second office was opened in Geneva, Switzerland in 1973 to serve clients in southern Europe. The client portfolio policy was identical to that used in the Netherlands.

Since the number of institutional clients from the USA was rising steadily, in 1987 an office was opened in in New York. This office was mainly dedicated to managing pension funds of American “Fortune 500” companies. The American office received authorisation by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to provide asset management services.

Through the years the GIM group regularly received positive news coverage for the creation and management of innovative investment products such as the AMVABEL investment fund (together with Bank Van Lanschot), the first quoted investment fund in Europe operating in convertible bonds, the ‘GIM Rating’ which was published daily in the Dutch press, an umbrella investment fund, an art investment fund, various property CVs, etc.

GIM also published a quarterly bulletin, the contents of which were frequently republished by the Dutch press. During the 1990s GIM was managing around €5 billion worldwide.

In 1999 the GIM group was sold to an Anglo-Dutch private bank.

After a period of five years during which he was contractually unable to start up any competing activities, early in 2005, Peter Zwart, in collaboration with his son Victor S. Zwart (1969), decided to set up a new independent asset management business in Belgium – the ‘Wealtheon Group’.

Following an increase in the number of clients in the Netherlands, in 2008 Wealtheon decided to open a branch office in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The investment policy was determined in close collaboration with the Brussels office.

In 2011 Wealtheon received authorisation to provide asset management services in Luxembourg within the context of the free movement of services.

The Wealtheon shareholders took over the shares of COGIN Compagnie de Gestion Internationale sa, an independent asset manager in Geneva, rebranded Wealtheon sa (Switzerland).

Mid 2014 the holding Wealtheon Group sa (Luxembourg) was established, under which Wealtheon sa (Switzerland) was incorporated.

The same year Wealtheon sa has been authorised by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF – Financial Market Authority) to offer its portfolio management services in France, thanks to its European passport.


In 2016 Wealtheon sa was integrated in the holding Wealtheon Group sa.

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