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Jan Vanspeybrouck

Jan Vanspeybrouck is member of the board of directors and Chief Financial Officer of Wealtheon sa.

Curriculum vitæ
Jan Vanspeybrouck has fulfilled various functions spanning the fields of finance, management, personnel management and business administration. Over the last 10 years this was mostly in a management capacity.

In the middle of 2000 he made the change to the financial sector where he was active in the trust sector of Meespierson Fortis Private Banking. At the end of 2001 he took a project management function for Fortis Bank where he worked within the field of consolidation, and, on the implementation of the IFRS-project, the Basel 2 – project, ‘process management’ and restructuring the consolidation department.

At the end of 2005 he went to BKCP (Beroepskrediet - Crédit Professionel) where he became responsible for the consolidation of this group including the implementation of the new ‘schedule A reporting’ to the Belgian financial supervisor FSMA.

Jan Vanspeybrouck has been working for Wealtheon sa since 2007.

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